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Hey there Folks.

I never expected to be writing another news article here but instead of a weekly report it’s this time going to be a little different.
Well.. to make a long story short. We’ve decided that it’s quite a shame to let the community fall and let X-Roleplay drown in the dust.

We’re going to reboot X-Roleplay once more. This time with the help of Corne.
We’re adding tons of new features to the script and look at the bugs we had previously no time for to fix.
We will be posting a development log on the forums in case you wish to keep track of the development.

X-Roleplay is currently closed due to it’s maintenace but will soon reopen using the same IP address as it used before:
You can also keep an eye on the website, more news will be shared soon at the same spot you just read this news message.

The weekly reports guy.



Elections for Red County’s presidency¬†will soon begin!

Everyone willing may now open a party and join the race for presidency.

Voting will take place on the 22th of May!

See this topic for more information: http://forum.x-roleplay.com/viewtopic.php?f=168&t=1033


The X-Roleplay team



After much time and work we’ve finally managed to reach a point where we could finally say that the script is stable and that the server is ready for release! Who ever thought that we would finish the script this fast?

Good news! The server will open at april 7! Make sure you clear your schedule and mark it on your calendar!
The grand opening of the server will take place on the 7th of april!

We hope you’ll all be there!

A big shoutout to all the beta testers and people who helped us during X:Roleplay’s development stage by reporting bugs an certain matters to us. You’ll all receive a special something from us as a token of our gratitude.

Spread the word!
Until April 7!

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