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The Rules
Following below is a list of rules which each and every player has to follow.
By playing on our game server you accept all rules as stated below.
Failing to follow a rule will result in disciplinary action.
Please take note of all the rules stated so you will not be able to break any.
This way we can keep X:Roleplay fun for all of us.

Rule 01: Remain In Character at all times, unless an administrator tells you not to.
This is of-course a roleplaying server and therefor it is very important that you and your character remain In-Character at all times. If you are for example getting bored, you may want to find some Roleplay or log-off and find something else to do. You are allowed to ignore all OOC chats unless an administrator is speaking directly to you. We suggest to keep the OOC chat on a low profile, especially in public areas.

Rule 02: No powergaming.
Performing actions which your character would never be able to perform, forcing roleplay upon another without giving the other player a fair chance to respond.

Rule03: No metagaming.
Using information you found on the internet which your character would never be able to know, or using information you gained over skype, or over In-Game pm's is metagaming and capable of ruining the whole realistic roleplay experience.

Rule 04: Do not use any kind of software/programs that give you an unfair advantage over others.
Any modification(s) that gives you an unfair advantage over others is prohibited. Keybinders are only permitted for emergency services their megaphones only.

Rule 05: Do not abuse any sa-mp or gta glitches.
Pressing arrow up on a motorcycle, scrolling to reload weapons and or taking advantage of other sa-mp or GTA mistakes which is or is not similar to Rule 04 is strictly forbidden and is also considered bug abuse.

Rule 06: No bunnyhopping.
Pressing shift (repeatedly) in order to gain speed and/or to get to a location faster is against the rules with similarity to rule 05.

Rule 07: Roleplay everything & realism
It is highly recommended to roleplay everything, from climbing over ledges, walls, objects. This also concludes driving on the right side of the road, stopping for red traffic lights, stopping at intersections but also taking out ANY items or weapons, not to forget your custom house interior, build it like a home, not a base with sandbags and traps. This is to enhance the complete roleplay experience for each and everyone in our game server.

Rule 08: No deathmatch.
Killing or attacking someone with an invalid or none reason at all is something we consider a low act and we really do not wish to see it happen inside our game server. Deathmatch is not only just attacking someone, but also attacking someone, eventually killing the individual for a bare to poor reason.

Rule 09: Mature content.
Decapitations, sexual roleplay, sexual harassment cannibalism, amputations, and other similar content is to be performed in private areas and only allowed if both/all parties agree to the events. Permission can be granted and given through the local ooc chat after both parties agree with the 'mature content policy' as stated in Rule 09.

Rule 10: Permanent damage.
If you wish to deal permanent damage to a player or it's property. Such as; setting a property on fire, causing permanent injuries or other forms of lethal or non-lethal but permanent damage. You will need permission from the player itself or a Senior Administrator

Rule 11: Common sense.
This is but a simple rule, use your mind. Don't argue with administrators, don't cause trouble, follow the rules. There really is not much to explain regarding this rule.

Rule 12: Away from keyboard – alt tabbing
You are allowed to tab out of the game, as long as you're in a private area such as your house and haven't been part of a scene or situation wherefor your presence is needed. Tabbing out to evade roleplay for example; while you're being wanted or searched for by authorities/factions/players are with serious intensions (and you release this) is prohibited. You can hide in your home, if you wish to tab at such moment you should log-off.

Rule 13: Your account, stays yours.
You are not allowed to share your master account with people other than your own family which are playing on the same IP.
You can register only one master account. You can let your brother(s) or sister(s) play on your master account, a character PIN is made that only the character owner may know. A character is not allowed to be shared. It's not allowed to play on someone else's character, your character remains yours and yours only.

Rule 14: Do not sell or share server items/money/etc to others for In-Real-Life cash.
You are not permitted to sell your account, items, cash etc for In-Real-Life cash or services, If you are caught doing this both parties will be permanently banned from our game server.

Rule 15: The administrator(s) always has the last say.
No matter what rank the administrator is, even if a rule or penalty is not actually stated in the rules or conduct. You have to obey an administrator's instructions at all times. However, an administrator can't always be right, if you find an administrator handling incorrect; You are free to submit a complaint against the administrator. You have the right to call for a different administrator or supervisor if a Trial Administrator is dealing with your matter.

Rule 16: Do not over-do illegal activities.
Of-course there are illegal possibilities, but it isn't and won't be fun if everyone is performing such acts on a regular base. It simply isn't fun if you get robbed everytime you drive somewhere or walk alone. You are allowed to rob and scam people but keep these activities to a minimum. More information regarding this topic is found in the Robbing & Scamming policy

Rule 17: Car sufing is not allowed.
Standing ontop of a vehicle rather than sitting inside of it as driver or passenger is prohibited. With the exception to vehicles with a trunk, (Walton, Sadler, ships etc) . This is mainly part of Rule 11, common sense.

Rule 18: No properties, faction headquarters or businesses may get robbed, unless the property owner and permission from a Senior Administrator is given.
You can only rob or raid a household, business or faction HQ if a Senior Administrator and the property owner granted permission. The administrator will spectate the event and transfer the Business it's safe belongings and account over if the robbery is successful and properly roleplayed. With exception for gang headquarters, buildings or zones. See the gang guidelines & information topic.

Rule 19: English only.
We speak English and English-only. You are allowed to speak foreign languages in /pm only.

Rule 20: Logging off to avoid.
Logging off to avoid roleplay, arrest, getting robbed, etc is forbidden. You can't just simply vanish into thin air. If you are found logging off during roleplay you will be punished immediately.

Rule 21: X:RP’s world is an independent land located in the United States of America.
We've got our own code of conduct, leader, penal code, officials and standards. The land of X:RP is no bigger than the areas we roleplay in. Now, for example; You don't have the right for a lawyer because we simply do not have them at this point, however you do have other rights. It's very custom and we're open for Ideas and suggestions.

Rule 22: Respect
We aim for a good atmosphere and to keep the community a nice, friendly and welcoming place. You may get removed from the server and/or the community for providing a negative atmosphere.

*The rules may get added or changed at any moment with immediate In-Game and/or Forum effect.*
*By playing on our game server you agree to all of our rules as stated above.*
*By playing on our server you claim to understand that you could and may get punished for breaking any of our community rules.*