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We’ve currently nothing to report due to the developers have been and are still taking a break from development.
Will keep you posted,



Dear Community!

I would like to welcome the newly interested! I am sorry for the delay my report came with.

I’ll keep it short today as we’ve got only a few things to report. Shadowdog is currently busy and working on the ‘crafting system’ while Roel is currently working on the market(s)

That’s pretty nuch all there is to report for this week. Progress has been rather slow due to we having insufficient time to develop the script further. Hopefully we’ll find time this weekend.





Dear interested,

I’m glad to inform you that we’ve got ourselves back on our feet again, as we had a bit of a burnout after carnaval.
We’re still left working on the few ‘big’ systems that are left to finish developing.

We’ve also discussed and reconsidered the entire business & market idea.
We’ve made a couple of big changes, for instance: We won’t have businesses that sell items such as goods, food, etc.
Instead, we decided to make the server rely on the player economy. This means that the players will be able to obtain goods, items, herbs, and much more as they take use of the ‘skill’ system. There are several market stalls located around Red County where players can buy and sell their products for their desired price. Everyone can sell their items for their desired price, meaning competition will always be around. As you level your skills you will improve your skills and become able to craft and develop new items.

And of course there will still be businesses such as the furniture store, the keymaker, the bank, the clothes store, and more..
However these businesses will be server owned, meaning players cannot own any of them. With the exception for bars, clubs and restaurants.

We’re no longer going with the global market idea, we instead decided the idea above would be much better for roleplay purposes and the overall realism of the server.

And perhaps, but we’re not sure about this one yet.. thiefing.
Thiefing will include that you will be able to steal products from market stalls, break into vehicles, break open vehicle trunks, steal fuel, and much more to come. We’ll like to hear feedback over the general thiefing (skill) idea.

And not to forget, a big thank you for everyone who is still around the project, we’re still very eager to complete this and will not let it drop or die. We thank you all for the patience and continues (shown) interest for X-Roleplay.
And yes, still no release date. But trust me, we’re getting closer and closer to it.

Best regards,
Community representative.

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