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Development Report 11. | X-Roleplay
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Dear Community!

As you might already know we’ve pretty much finished the server’s core and have entered the Alpha testing phase.
We are testing all our systems for possible errors and have already received quite some efficient player feedback aswell.

The economy has been set, market stalls have been created aswell for the houses, businesses and entertainment buildings.
We’ve enhanced the inventory system, making more and more unique items by the day. (We are always looking for you unique item suggestions, if you have any, let us know!) We also created the ‘foraging’ skill completely, letting the citizens of X-Roleplay gather herbs, wheat, corn, berries, milk and much more! I will upload a couple of screenshots to the media section of the website to show you what we’ve visibly added.

Aswell for a system we recently added, it basically gives a penalty to players their health and sobriety when damaging a vehicle.
What more can i tell, the licenses are in. You’ll be able to gain a license for the following: Car, Boat, Plane, Helicopter, Motorcycles and heavy vehicles.

We’ve obviously done alot more than i stated above, but the things i do have stated are the big and interesting things for you to know.

I have also put some more work in the government theory.
Basically, every three months San Andreas will hold elections, then parties or persons may opt in for the elections and choose their governing style. (Democracy or Dictatorship, along with many options and edicts for the government. There is alot to say about this, information can be found on our wiki, here: http://wiki.x-roleplay.com/index.php/The_Government

Thanks for reading,
Will keep you guys updated!


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