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Hey there!

Good news!
We’ve nearly finished developing all core features!
This means we’ve almost finished the basic features and systems, we’re getting to the more fun parts now.
We’ll soon start working on the detail system, that’s how we call the minor code we still need to write.
We’ll also be in need of some testers as the code is getting very visible and functional now. Or even better, most code is already finished.

We’re getting far!
We’re still looking for good ideas, so if you have any.. don’t be afraid to share them with us!

We’ll keep you all posted on our twitter(feed)




Dear members!

I would like to welcome all new members whom registered to the forums and/or found our community!
This week we’ve made quite the development progress.
We’ve came real far already!

I’ll post a quick summary of our TO-DO list below:

– The housing system
– The business system
– Couple of interiors (The IG texture & map editor are fully functional)
– Additional functions for the User Control Panel.
– Accessories/attachments
– Great scale bug-hunt.
– Finishing touches.

We’re getting there!
We just keep on getting new ideas, we then cannot resist the urge to implend our ideas into the server.
But of-course, this is what we will especially do once the server has opened it’s doors.

We’re still on halt with specific subjects, such as the registration policy.
Once we’ve came to a decision, the creation of the code won’t take too long.
We’ll take some additional days off to work on X-Roleplay.

My apologies for being late with this post.




Hello there!

Welcome to the second weekly report of us.
First of all, I would like to welcome all new people whom revealed interest into our project and offered their helping hands!
Do not be afraid to say hi on the forums, the registration progress is simple for the moment.
We’ve achieved alot this week, I’ll state a couple of aspects we’ve worked on.

– The skill system
This will be the general build of a character. During your stay at X-Roleplay you may find various activities throughout Red County.
Activities such as; Hunting, Fishing, Foraging, Mining and much more!

And no, not like the regular edits where you drive to the quarry.
We’ve actually developed an actual mine for you to mine your unique ores.

The more you practise a skill, the better you get at hit, thus increasing your chances to find rarer ores.
And don’t worry, you can’t obtain any fighting skills that make you better at combat, atleast not better than anyone else.

We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs.

We’ll also be inviting some interested into our server for a private tour.
Don’t be afraid to ask if we haven’t invited you, You might aswell take a look ;)
We will also be releasing some sneak on the website’s media section.

A big thank you to all for your interest into our project!
It’s really doing much good to us!
We’ll keep you posted,


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