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One of our Markets

The mine.




I think i’m starting to get the habit to write down the weekly reports.. way too late!
Anyhow now, I’m here and i’m sorry for the delay(again).

Last week we’ve done quite a job again. We’ve created lots of interiors, and with interiors we mean building an unique housing environment. We basically build the walls, floors and roofs and leave the rest over to the players. They will get to place the furniture and texture the floors and walls.

We’ve also created and finished the vehicle garage. Here you can apply various effects and items to your vehicle. This is basically the normal ‘mod garage’ but in an entire new coat. We even added new options to the garage. If you think you know something good to add to the garage system, let us know!

We have also been working on the items and the Wiki. We’ve been creating lots of items. Items vary from ingredients, reciples, food, materials, ores and much more!
We finished the crafting system and are working on the skills. And again, if you have any good ‘items’ in mind that you think we should add in X-Roleplay, let us know!

One of our developers, Roel is in a busy IRL state leaving him with no time for scripting. He will be absent this week and return back active at the end of the week.

Thank you for reading my report, and being part of X-Roleplay in it’s early stages.




Apologies for the late report, the report was postponed due to some of the developers being absent.
I would like to welcome all newly interested to the project, welcome!

The last few weeks we’ve been working on the business & market system, we decided to scrap the global market and moved to the smaller market stalls placed around Red County. We’ve also finished the moving objects system.

Update: We’re about to finish the market system, including the market stalls.

There is still lots to do for us,
Have a good day,

Community representative

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